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Nutritive Magic 8H Night Serum

Nutritive Magic 8H Night Serum

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This night serum for hair gives a nourishing boost to all dry hair types. Infused with iris root extract, niacinamide and a blend of 5 vitamins (including vitamin E for hair), 8H Magic Night Serum deeply penetrates the hair fibre to restore hair's balanced nutrition levels over an 8 hour period. Hair progressively absorbs the nutrients of the overnight hair serum through the night to reverse daytime depletion. Effectively treat dry hair with the Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum. Achieve radiant, more youthful fibres by morning.

The lightweight creamy texture of the overnight hair serum suits all hair types, helping to detangle fine hair, and provide better manageability for normal to coarse hair. The next morning hair looks nourished, is visibly softer, is easier to style, and has a lightweight satin finish.

  • Overnight hair serum that provides 8 hours of overnight nourishment, in combination with Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo and Masquintense
  • Provides easier detangling, avoiding pillow friction
  • Hair fibre is softer to the touch
  • Evolving fragrance to promote relaxed sleep and energy in the morning.
  • Increases manageability on normal to coarse hair
  • Hydrates without weighing down on fine hair
  • Provides definition to curly hair
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