Our Mission

Empowering Beauty, Nurturing Nature: Our mission is to revolutionize the salon experience by embracing sustainability at every step. We commit to minimizing our environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices, from sourcing sustainable products to reducing waste. With a passion for beauty and a dedication to the planet, we strive to create a nurturing space where clients can indulge in self-care while knowing they're contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for our world.


At Yazu we are always striving to be better and to improve our impact on the environment.

Ways we have tried to do this is but selling and informing clients about Davines products and their Misson.

Davines is a B-Corporation Company.

A B-corp, is a company certified for its positive impact on the people and the environment. It pursues not only profit but also purpose, building a more inclusive and sustainable economy and redistributing value among all stakeholders. It has a long-term commitment to operate for the benefit of the planet and the community

79.9% of the ingredients in our formulas are of Natural origin

71.4% of the ingredients in our formulas are highly biodegradable

64.1% of our paper, cardboard and plastic packaging is in recycled material

55.8% of plastic packaging is either recycled or bio-based

Our vision of “sustainability” has a range of
connected meanings:
“Sustainability” in regard to our commitment to
have a positive impact on the environment and

“Sustainability” in regard to the effectiveness of
our products and the safety of our customers,
thanks to the use of natural ingredients, enhanced
with cutting edge cosmetic technologies and an
artisanal spirit.

“Sustainability” in regard to “freedom of
creation”. Our decisions are led more by "intuition” than
“calculation”. Our pioneering spirit guides us to explore ideas beyond trends. At Davines , every idea is born free and then developed with authenticity.

“Sustainability” in regard to “ethics’’. Honored to be a family company, we make our professional environment a home in which to develop oneself and create trustful and virtuous relationships with others, based on reciprocity ,
transparency and collaboration, in full awareness ofour interdependence