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Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

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Lightweight dry shampoo spray for hair that leaves roots feeling ultra clean and healthy with the finest irresistible fragrance. The dry shampoo for hair provides instant grease absorption and a 24 HR long-lasting scent to revitalise and freshen hair at home or on the go. The lightweight dry shampoo formula is infused with rice starch for added body and texture, andvitamin E for hairto prevent hair & scalp from drying out. The Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo For Hair is your new on-the-go secret weapon to fall in love with your second-hair day again. Experience the ultimate dry shampoo for oily hair now!

Instantly absorbs excess oil on roots & hair
24HR long-lasting fragrance, leaving a desirable scent at each hair movement
Lightweight dry shampoo powder formula that sprays onto hair for a cleansed and revitalised feeling
Vitamin E prevents the hair & scalp from drying out, keeping hair & scalp feeling healthy
Rice Starch absorbs excess oil to refresh hair & roots for an enhanced volumising dry shampoo finish
Silicone Free
Suitable for all hair types

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